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      Hi All,

      I’ve owned many “race” cars over the years now and really want to attend and drive in my first Auto-X event. I’ve read the FAQ and scoured the sites. To get started – do I just need to show up to the event and sign up? I can drive without any type of class or anything like that? I just show up with my car, money, and a helmet? Can a friend ride along with me on the course (and if so, does that require another reg fee even though they wouldn’t be driving)?

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      AvatarWes Herron

      Hi Phillip. Sorry I didn’t notice this earlier. To answer your questions:

      1) Yes! You can just show up and race. You don’t even need a helmet as we have loaners but if you have one that meets the certification requirements as shown in the helmet section, then bring it.

      2) If you’re new to autocross then you should definitely race in the Novice Class. You don’t have to worry about classing your car, you get great instruction and an extra run.

      3) Normally a friend can ride along free of charge (as long as they sign the waiver at the gate, are wearing a helmet, meet the age requirements and are in the front seat) but for Novices… the only passenger allowed is the instructor. You could do Novice one event… then move to open class for the next and have your friend ride along. Your friend is welcome to come spectate free of charge. Or even better, depending on how good a friend he or she is… they can sign up to co-drive your car as a novice! Sorry, I need to update the rules on the site to indicate this restriction.

      The forums are here but usually the best way to get info is via our Facebook group becuase there are simply more people looking at that.

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