Road Racing

Road Racing with the SCCA comes in various flavors to suit all experience levels. We’re fortunate in the Carolinas to be close to great sites for racing and the SCCA makes it easy to try your hand.

  • Performance Driving School (PDX)/HPDE – This is probably where you’ll start out in Road Racing. These are non-competitive events where most any street car and all experience levels are welcome to drive on an actual race track. Novices will get instruction from experienced road-racers making these events a great starting place and value.
  • Time Trials – Once you’ve gotten some initial instruction at some PDX events and are ready for some timed compeition, Time Trials is next on the menu.
  • Hill Climb – Get away from the track and test your nerves on a high speed winding road. You’re racing against the clock… but there’s little room for mistakes here and your car must be highly prepped to qualify.
  • Club Racing – At the highest level you race door to door with other competitors on some amazing race tracks. Competition is fierce here