Become a Member!

You don’t have to a be a member to come out and race with us but there are some benefits for signing up. By joining you’ll be a member of both CCR and the Sports Car Club of America and get:

The dues for membership in CCR are:

1 Year 2 Years 3 Years
Individual Member $85 $150 $215
Family Membership $105 $185 $263
First Gear (you must be
age 21 and under)
$50 $90 $125

To read about all of the benefits or join online, visit the SCCA’s site: Become a Member, Join the SCCA!

You can also sign up at one of our events or fill out a membership application and send it to the SCCA.

Save Some Money!

If you come out and race with us and you’re not an SCCA member… then you’ll get a receipt for a weekend membership for the SCCA. You can exchange these for a $15 discount on a yearly membership. You can exchange up to two of these for a total of $30 off your SCCA membership making it a great way to try out the sport. Weekend memberships must be redeemed within 60 days to get the discount.

If you’re signing up online you’ll enter the unique numbers off your receipt and if you’re signing up at an event… just be sure to bring your weekend membership receipts

Referrals – If you write in an existing member name with their member number, you get an additional $15 off and the referring member gets $10 off their next membership renewal.