Vehicle & Helmet Requirements


Helmets are required for drivers and passengers. DOT only certification is NOT acceptable. Helmets that pass inspection will be given a CCR helmet sticker. Helmets must meet one of the certifications allowed by SCCA as specified here: Allowed Helmet Certifications.

If you do not have a helmet… loaner helmets are available at no charge on site. Please make sure to return loaner helmets in between each run so there are enough to go around.

Class & Numbers Display

No contrast between numbers and car. Too difficult to read.

Letters should be smaller than numbers so they are easy to tell apart. Also Novice class does not need base class letters. “N” is fine.


Yes Please!

All vehicles must display numbers and class letters on both sides, which must be readable by Timing & Scoring, Course, and Grid workers at all times. Remember that your numbers need to be clearly readable while the vehicle is moving at highway speed from all angles.

  • Class shall be represented by the upper-case letters for abbreviated class name. For Pro Class, add a “P” in front of class. For Ladies, add an “L” to end of class. For Novice, just use an “N” Examples: CS, PSTR, CSPL, N
  • Numbers and class letters should be positioned next to each other. All letters and numbers must be on body panels, not on windows. Ensure the color contrasts the background color.
  • Numbers must be a minimum of 8″ high with a 1.25″ stroke. Class letters must be a minimum of 4″ high with a 0.75″ stroke. In all cases, the height of the class letters must be between 25% and 75% of the height of the numbers. Stroke width must be at least 10% of the height.
  • Karts may use numbers and class letters of reduced size provided that the following conditions are met: 1) Numbers must be displayed on the front and rear in addition to both sides; 2) Class letters must be on both sides; 3) In no case may the numbers be smaller than 6″ in height with ¾” stroke, using a high-contrast color and background.

For more in depth rules on numbers and to ensure yours meet the strict requirements of a national event, check out section 3.7 of the Official SCCA Rules

Print your own numbers and class letters. SCCA Legal Car Numbers, SCCA Legal Class Letters

Vehicle Requirements

Pretty much any vehicle is legal to autocross. Due to their high center of gravity, trucks and SUVs tend to qualify only if they’ve had their suspension modified to lower them. Sometimes in very rare cases, the options group that came with the car matter. For example a Fiat 500 is not legal… but a Fiat 500 Abarth is. You can always post a question to us or check out the official SCCA rules to see if your car is in the listings of legal vehicles.

Tech Inspection

Every car must pass a tech inspection at each CCR Solo event, unless the car carries an annual tech sticker. CCR will honor Annual Tech Stickers from other SCCA regions and NCAC member clubs. Failure to pass the tech inspection will prevent a vehicle from participating in the event. If a problem is found, the participant does have the opportunity to correct the problem and present the car again for re-inspection.

Vehicles must be brought to tech in competition condition. All loose items must be removed before the car will be inspected. Drivers must have been to registration and have their class & numbers on the car BEFORE coming to tech. Tech inspection includes, but is not limited to:

  • Check tires – Good condition, no exposed cords or cracks in sidewalls.
  • Check wheel lugs for tightness, none missing.
  • Hub caps / wheel / lug covers removed.
  • Check wheel bearings for tightness.
  • Check seat belts for good condition, lap belts minimum are required. Racing harness should be mounted properly.
  • Check the battery mounting, must be mounted securely.
  • Check overall for fluid leaks.
  • Check that brake pedal is firm. Brake & clutch fluid levels are sufficient, no leaks.
  • Check throttle return spring.
  • Remove all loose items from interior, NO FLOOR MAT ON DRIVER SIDE UNLESS HELD DOWN BY OEM RESTRAINT.
  • Car class & numbers must be in accordance with SCCA rules 3.7 (see above)

Annual Tech Stickers

During the first couple of events each season, we will offer Annual Tech Stickers for $1. With one of these on your car, you do not need to go through tech inspection at any other CCR event for the rest of the year. Usually other nearby clubs will also accept these stickers but read their rules to verify.

Sound Limits

At SCCA Nationals, they enforce a strict sound level limit on vehicles of 100dBA measured at 50 feet. In the past CCR has not strictly enforced this rule but beginning with the first event in 2017, we will be matching the SCCA’s rules. The sound level of some cars (looking at you V8 swap 240s) have gotten loud enough that it’s made communication in the timing trailer difficult. Sorry 🙁